What To Eat When You Are Above 50

Eating can be really a tricky thing when you cross a certain age. Your body reacts to food in a specific way, and you have to take care what goes inside. As the nutritional requirement increase, you also need to worry about the right kind of nutrients going in. Junk food, sugary drinks are not a priority anymore, and high fiber content is preferred.

Here is a list of some items you would surely consider to add to your diet plan if you are a health conscious senior. If you are not yet, start making a healthy habit of incorporating these items into at least one or two of your meals a day.

1.    Oats

Kick start your day with the healthy oatmeal breakfast. The good thing is, this is a basic food item which can be customized as per your taste and medical requirements. It is rich in fiber, and whole grains are always better. You can add a hint of honey, raisins or even salt if you are diabetic.

2.    Nuts

Nuts are these little pockets of energy you could put in anything. Whether it is a boring breakfast cereal or a bland salad. The crunch and mild flavor of nuts would add some extra nutrition to your lifestyle. Try almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, and pistachio more frequently. You can keep them with you all the time as they are dry and easy to carry, for whenever you feel hungry during the day.

3.    Leafy vegetables

We have heard that since childhood but it is not a myth. Green vegetables make you stronger. They are fulfilling our need for iron and other micronutrients required for a healthy life. As aging results in loss of natural blood-forming process, many people who don’t take care get pale and weak with time. So leafy greens are a must. You can adjust them here and there too, with the salads, in the soups. Steamed spinach and a dash of lemon juice make a really good appetizer, which is also proven to naturally decrease stress and depression.

4.    Yogurt

It is the best choice for dairy products because it is easier to digest and won’t put a lot of stress on your stomach. It gives the necessary dairy protein to the body and the benefits not just stop there. You can always use some whole fruits chopped with yogurt. Or just the berries of your choice will do!

5.    Apples

That textbook saying, ‘’An apple a day, keeps the doctor away’’ is most certainly true. Try consuming the whole apple at least once a day. No problem if you cannot chew the whole thing because you can whip up a quick smoothie. Add other fruits too for variety, like strawberry, banana or mango! You can add the smoothie in a to-go sipper, but try to consume as soon as possible because it darkens due to the iron content.

6.    Cinnamon Turmeric

These are the wonders in form of spices you should not forget. Both of them are known for anti-inflammatory properties and work a miracle. You can add the cinnamon to your daily coffee, as it has a mild soothing flavor. However, turmeric’s strong flavor makes it less versatile. You can add it to a serving of hot milk, especially during the winters because it warms up and heals the system pretty quick.  


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