Say No to Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are one of the most used instruments in the retail industry, where it is used as a necessity as well as a tool for promotion. The heavier or thicker the plastic bag, the better the brand is doing an effort to promote. Separate bags for separate types of goods, fancy bags for occasions etc.

But why is everyone stressing to leave the legendary plastic bags behind? Because although they might seem convenient, cheap and very effective for use, they are doing great harm to the environment. Want to know how? Here are some of the reasons why plastic bags are a bad choice.


1.  They are everywhere

Because of easy availability and so much practical uses, everyone uses it, everywhere. And as the average usage time period of a plastic bag is about 20 minutes, so discarded bags are lying everywhere. No matter how much you focus on cleaning, picking up, or recycling, they are still there.

Whether it is a lunch takeout, grocery store, a shopping mall or a theme park, everyone will try to hand you a thing or two wrapped in a plastic bag. Which you are supposed to dispose of in a matter of time.

2.  A threat to other creatures

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Plastic bags are known to be fatal for various animals and birds who are relying on an aquatic course of life. It includes fishes, the birds who feed on fishes, the amphibians who live in water and land both, and the mammals who prefer those locations for hunting too.

According to the studies, if the animals get caught in a plastic bag through their head or legs, they are unable to take it off. Which results in suffocation and death. It can be an intense cause of their death, as the trash disposal in water is increasing anodically.

3.  Waste of Scarce Resources

The industrial and mass production era are already depleting the natural resources rapidly. Scientists are already trying to estimate when we will run out of certain important minerals and resources, including coal, oil, gas, and even water.

Polythene bag manufacturing is a chemical process happening at the industrial level, thus it I contributing towards the depletion of natural resources. The fuels used, the ingredients processed and the energy consumed in the whole process is no doubt, a waste.

4.  Harmful when heated

We have heard it quite a lot of times that we are not supposed to heat the food wrapped in plastic bags directly in the microwave oven. That’s because heat causes the polythene to decompose which in turn contaminates the food in contact. The decomposed polythene is believed to have carcinogenic properties and may cause cancer if consumed frequently.

5.  Non-Biodegradable

And this is not a myth. Polythene bags are not easily decomposed when left outside with other trash. Because the bacteria involved in the process don’t find any nutritional value in the material of plastic bags. That’s why if you dig up a hole and bury plastic bag in it, you will find it as it was even after decades.


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